Westwell Q-truck, Pioneering Autonomous New Energy Electric Heavy Trucks for Container Logistics

Westwell Q-truck, Pioneering Autonomous New Energy Electric Heavy Trucks for Container Logistics

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Westwell Q-Truck is an intelligent autonomous new energy electric heavy truck. With its innovative technology and superior performance advantages, it has become a highly sought-after solution in the container logistics.

In 2022, Westwell launched the world's first autonomous new energy electric heavy truck, the Q-Truck, featuring intelligent battery swapping. As the first mass-produced unmanned commercial vehicle globally, the Q-Truck directly adopts a "cabin-less" whole vehicle design, with truck batteries installed at the front. It can be applied to various scenarios, including ports, logistics parks, and mining sites. With a range of 150 km and a load capacity of up to 75 tons, the Q-Truck emphasizes intelligence, safety, and adaptability. It is deeply integrated with users' production scenarios.

Q-Truck adopts a new-generation fusion perception architecture with an industrial-grade ultra-long-range high-precision binocular AI camera, Lidar, and various sensors. It integrates intelligent algorithms and a full-stack system, providing powerful perception and decision-making abilities like humans. With its self-developed intelligent energy service, PowerOnair, the Q-Truck can complete automated, efficient recharging in just 5 minutes. The Extreme Precise Position (EPP) high-precision positioning system enables centimeter-level precise positioning of the vehicle and high-precision control with a 0.5-degree steering deviation.

By combining AI technology with new energy, Q-Truck can promote global carbon emission reduction and contribute to sustainable development. In terms of carbon reduction, calculations show that when powered entirely by green electricity in actual production operations, each Q-Truck can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 tons per year. This is equivalent to planting 4,545 trees annually or planting trees on 113,400 square meters of land yearly.

As a leading autonomous new energy electric heavy truck, the Q-Truck breaks through traditional problems of high energy consumption and low truck efficiency. It provides advanced technology, energy-saving, and eco-friendly features that are highly desirable in the logistics profession. It is foreseeable that Q-Truck, as an intelligent autonomous new energy electric heavy truck, will play a significant role in the future operations of the logistics industry.

The Q-Truck pioneers the global implementation of mixed operations with both unmanned and manned driving. It also achieved the normalization of new energy unmanned truck operations "without a driver's cab" for the first time. Since 2020, the Q-Truck has been put into operation and gained recognition in Thailand, the UAE, the UK, Malaysia, and Mexico. On June 2, 2023, Westwell signed an agreement with Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe, committing to supply an additional 100 battery-powered autonomous Q-Trucks developed by Westwell. At the Port of Felixstowe, both parties will collaborate closely in order to build the largest electric autonomous commercial vehicle fleet to date, and build battery-swapping infrastructures and related services to support the operation of the fleet. By doing so, the two parties will further advance the commercial application and value exploration of autonomous driving technology in global container ports.

Westwell focuses on the actual Autonomous Trucks needs of customers. With Westwell's reliable AI autonomous technology, we have developed autonomous driving solutions for container logistics that meet the actual needs of international customers. By combining AI and new energy, Westwell supports the green development of the industry and promotes the upgrading of the global logistics industry. Currently, Westwell's dependable autonomous driving solutions have served over 160 customers across 18 countries and regions.

To meet the needs of more international clients and partners, Westwell has opened a new office at 18 Harbour Road, China Resources Building in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The office will serve as the global hub and an essential service institution for Westwell to serve more customers and partners. Moving forward, Westwell eagerly anticipates collaborating with more partners to utilize Westwell's strengths in technology and innovation to serve our customers around the world more effectively.

Westwell will continue to deepen its research in the field of autonomous driving technology and promote the development of the intelligent transportation industry. From the concept of development to the implementation of products, Westwell has always adhered to the path of intelligence, environmental sustainability, technology, and efficiency, constantly promoting the application of solutions and striving to reduce costs and enhance efficiency for our customers and partners. Westwell is committed to optimizing the relationship between humans and intelligence, leading the intelligent upgrading and low-carbon development of the global logistics industry.

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